Saturday, August 3, 2019

"This Is My Fight Song"

I like to share stories from the vape shop and have 2 today I'll combine into 1 story. 1st off, a customer with special needs comes in to purchase e-liquid. She is with her group home staff. We helped this amazing person quit smoking a couple of years ago. She is limited to $10 spending money for vape stuff. She is here 1x per week and we give her a special deal, including tax. She either gets a 30ml and a coil or two 30mls for her $10. Today was a staff person who I've never seen before. That staff person mentioned they smoked and they will never vape because it's more dangerous than smoking. WHOA! They now know the truth. And my customer helped to educate her staff person!

The shop is a mess, it's in the middle of being remodeled and I should be putting stuff back in the cases, but there is so much advocacy work to be done, so I fire up my get motivated to fight for vape song and spend some time on the computer. Regular walks in the door, stops dead in their tracks, starts humming along to the song, then busts out laughing and says "Are you fighting for vape again? What do you need me to do?". 

I love our customers. From the ones we have to fight for to the ones who stand firmly buy our side and fight with us. Please fire up my favorite get to work song and fight with me Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Don't give up!

*All photos are screen shots from the video.


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