Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Truth About Vaping - EMERGENCY ALERT

Sometimes politics leaves me with a really rotten taste in my mouth. Current events in California is just the type of politics I'm thinking of. I get really frustrated when it's all about the money and not about the people!

Today it does not matter if you're in California or somewhere else. Today's project is to spend a couple of minutes and watch a video and educate yourself. Any one who has watched old movies has heard the expression "READY, AIM, FIRE!". Watch the video and start following the groups it mentions, and be ready for the next step. It's very true, "if it can happen in California, it can happen anywhere". It's a train we must all work together to stop!

Video: Truth About Vaping - EMERGENCY ALERT

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Let's aim our sites on unfair anti-vaping legislation!