Wednesday, October 28, 2015

TODAY! period

Just do it TODAY!
Call the White House & do CASAA's CTA to support HR2058. Today! The antivapers will be calling - are you going to take their shit trying to take your vape away, or are you going to dial that phone and FIGHT BACK? Tired of reading info? Click the link and LISTEN.

It is time to put up or shut up. Fight today - it will help save vaping as we know it!

Mom Said!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to Basics - Helping Smokers Quit

I was just reading "How Vapers Can Help Smokers Quit" (click here), an interesting 3 page gem on Forbes that talks about a survey of people who have tried vaping, how many of them are or were smokers and what kind of success they are experiencing with quitting smoking. The piece moves on to talk about what a valuable asset vapers are when it comes to reaching out to the smoking community and establishing a buddy system of vapers with smokers so that smokers get the support and expertise they need to become ex-smokers.

I'm happy to see shops and individuals reaching out to smokers, getting them set up with good equipment, advice, and support. No matter where we personally are at with our vaping, if our vape is a pen type or a cloud machine - if we vape to keep ourselves from smoking or if we've moved on to vaping as a hobby, we need to remember that the most important reason for vaping to exist is to be a tool that smokers can use to help themselves quit smoking, to reduce the level of harm they are doing to themselves and those around them, and to become healthier.

My hat is off to those shops and individuals who are helping people quit smoking. You are saving lives! I am glad to see organizations out there who's sole purpose is to help people start vaping so they can begin the journey that leads to being an ex-smoker. I'll leave you with a couple of groups to check out. They can use your support. You can help tell others about them or donate to the cause or sign up to help others.

You can find Sponsor A Smoker (click here) on facebook. If you need help getting started with vaping or if you'd like to help, click the Sign Up button at the top of their page and get yourself or your shop registered.

For those of you who are in the United States Military or are a Veteran (or who wants to help our Veterans quit smoking) Check out Vape A Vet on facebook (click here) or go to the Vape A Vet website (click here).

 Let's get back to basics and start changing the world...... one saved life at a time.
~ Momma Vape

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Momma Vape's Birthday Wish

Sat Oct 3
It is Momma Vape's Birthday today. I promise no houses were lost due to the fire created by massive amounts of birthday candles that almost squished Momma's cake! Today I have a request for what I'd like for my birthday and it won't cost you a dime! I'd like each and every one of you to make sure you are a member of an advocacy organization. If you haven't signed up at CASAA, it is a great place to start!

If you'd like to suggest your favorite advocacy group, please post your favorites in the comments below.

Have a great day!
~ Momma Vape

Thursday, October 1, 2015

CASAA Needs Your Story!

Thursday Oct 1
Please submit your testimonial to CASAA

~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Register to Vote

If you are NOT registered to vote, please get registered. Your voice has way more impact with politicians if you are a registered voter! You can google it to see if your state allows online registration. Or you can print the form, fill it out, and mail it.

~ Momma Vape

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last Call - FDA - Packaging & Labeling for e-cigs

Last Call, the cut off day to do this has arrived!
FDA Call to Action: Submit Comments on FDA's Proposed Regulation of Safety Packaging and Labeling for E-Cigarettes and Dissolvable Smokeless Tobacco
Let your voice be heard!
~ Momma Vape

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Consumer Reports need to hear YOUR story!

Sunday Sep 27
Tell Consumer Reports Your Story
(HINT: Type up your story and SAVE it to your computer - it will save you a ton of time and make it easier for you to participate in advocacy! You will be able to use it over and over!) Read this article and then add your comment. Let's educate the writer of this article with the truth of how vaping saves lives!

Education is such an important part of advocating!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, September 25, 2015


Support H.R. 2058 which would change the grandfather date for newly deemed tobacco products
This is really important and needs to get done TODAY! CASAA makes it quick and easy - this will only take you a minute. HR2058 is extremely important to the survival of vaping as we know it!!!!

~ Momma Vape

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Drug Users vs. Smokers

Today, Momma Vape would like you to read this article (be sure to click on page 2) Why Public Health Advocates Care More About Heroin Addicts Than Smokers

Now, I want you to find the website of what ever station you watch your local news on, and submit the link to this article to their news tip lines. If it gets mentioned on the news, please share all over public media that the story was mentioned.

Brothers and Sisters of Vapeville, it is time to turn on the Public Relations machine and start pushing for some press that is IN OUR FAVOR!!!!!!!!!!

Keep Fighting.... this war is far from over!
~ Momma Vape

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

California Here We Come!!!!!

Heads up!!
If you are a vape retailer or wholesaler, a consumer, buy from or sell to, vacation in, or live in CALIFORNIA - They are down to the wire on their special session that includes several bills that are not friendly to vaping businesses, vaping consumers, and smokers who in the future will use vaping as a tool to help them quit. It does not matter if you have attended a session, called, e-mailed, written, or faxed..... DO IT AGAIN! Light up the phones, the inboxes, the mailboxes, and the fax machines! SHARE this all over facebook, twitter, instagram. Make sure every vape shop and wholesaler and liquid manufacturer in Cali knows about this and is sharing the info with their customers. Make sure your voice is heard. They need THOUSANDS of people to put on the pressure now! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?????? Please check out the Call To Action post by CASAA!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Teens and Drugs - Do you have something to say?

Please go to facebook, watch the video and then comment if you'd like. Click here for video

I will refrain from saying more, so what ever you say is your thoughts, not my thoughts.

~ Momma Vape

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What's on the agenda?

Today's project is to go to look up the website for your city and your county, check when the next meeting is, and see if the agenda for the next meeting is post. If it is, check and see if any anti-vaping language is on the agenda. If YES, they start notifying vaping advocacy groups and fellow vapers so you can fight that language.

Crossing my fingers there isn't much of it out there. Sometimes we don't hear about this stuff until it's too late. We need people in every city, county, and state monitoring for anti-vaping laws.

Have a Happy Day!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, August 28, 2015

Other cessation methods.

It is a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of methods to quit smoking. To know the pluses and the minuses of each and what kids of success rates they have. Here is one such piece of educational material to mull over: Effectiveness of the nicotine inhaler for smoking cessation in an OTC setting.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.....
<3 Mom

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Advocacy for Some, Cali for others

Another big day for California, and in many ways, all of vaping. For those of you in Cali, I hope 1000 of you are on your way to the capitol to show solidarity against these bills that are pure evil for the vaping industry. I hope ALL of you have followed CASAA's call to action and have e-mailed, called, faxed, or mailed letters to your representatives and senators.

Those of us who are not in Cali are waiting for news. We are sending all of you positive thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and hope. I sent out a little tweet this morning in support of all of you...

Vaping Saves Lives. E-cigs are NOT tobacco products. This is about lives NOT revenue.

Tonight, all of us can sit down and listen to the show "Attainable Advocacy". They will be talking about California, ECC, The "Health" News coming out of the UK, and what ever other topics come up. Always and interesting show.  Tonight August 25th at 9PM Eastern, join them for the show at!

You can watch previous shows on their YouTube channel

Good Luck Cali, we are thinking of you today!
~ Momma Vape

Monday, August 24, 2015

So any choices................

For those of you who have reached the status of ex-smoker, there is a new facebook group to encourage people to sponsor a smoker and help them quit. You can find it here: Sponsor a Smoker Link. I just LOVE this idea and have a couple sponsored.

If you live in California, have family / friends / business associates in California, you really need to pay attention to the special session going on. Hopefully a HUGE number of vapers show up at the capitol in Cali tomorrow. Non-residents of Cali can still contact the state and discuss where you spend your tourism dollars and why. You can talk about WHY vaping is not a tobacco product and the responsibility Cali has to set a TRUE example to the rest of the country, not pass laws based upon lies. You can tweet, facebook, etc. Check out your favorite advocacy organizations for info. Not Blowing Smoke, CASAA, AVA, SFATA, Vaping Militia, Etc. This battle is HUGE folks!

Momma Vape, over and out!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

B&M and online stories

Next time you go into your local vape shop, I want you to resist the urge to tell the shop about what you bought for such a good deal online. I want you to NOT take your online stuff and expect your local shop to teach you how to use it or to fix it for you or take it in on warranty for you. It seems there are a few vapers out there that forget that a shop has overhead which some bargain basement sellers do not. Momma Vape feels bad for shop staff that is constantly made to feel second staff because the shop needs to make enough money to stay in business. Momma Vape expects all of us to be more sensitive of others feelings.

Hope you had a good weekend!
~ Momma Vape

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cali Cali Cali

#‎Repost‬ @notblowingsmokeorg
Who has Entered a Giveaway??? Who has entered multiple??? Add up the amount of time YOU have spent Hosting, Entering or Promoting Giveaways.... Would about ONE DAYS WORTH OF TIME sound right??? If not more?
OUR INDUSTRY in CA is about to be COMPLETELY wiped out as we know it if we don't make a DIFFERENCE!
All YOU need to do in order to WIN- is SHOW UP! Can you afford ONE DAYS WORTH OF TIME to SAVE Vaping?
Meet us at the Sacramento Capitol Building, this Tuesday, August 25th at 12:30 PM!!! Who's Entering????? ‪#‎NOTBLOWINGSMOKE‬
If you are in Cali or if you know anyone in Cali..... they all need to pay attention to this.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Your Turn!

By now, Momma thinks you've had enough suggestions of things you can do to advocate for vaping. She's going to let you spread your wings and fly!!!!! Today, you pick a project. You can do it, I know you can!!!!! I am spending my day cheering on a few folks who have just started on their vaping adventure, who are trying to quit smoking. I am going to fill the cheerleader shoes today, offering lots of praise and encouragement.

Enjoy your weekend!
~ Momma Vape

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Raise a little Awareness!

Feel free to use this picture on facebook, twitter, etc. Let's reach out to smokers today!

~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Big Day Today

Many eyes are directed towards California today. There are many bills on the table that would be bad for vaping. I'm sure many business owners out there are holding their breath. If you are in Cali and can make it to the special session today GO! If you can't, get those phone calls made NOW, there is only a couple of hours to go before the session starts. Fax, e-mail, your representatives need to know that vaping is not smoking, we should not be lumped in with the tobacco industry. If you have family and friends who support your vaping, they should also be calling. For those of us who are not in Cali, we can help spread the word, we can be sure we are tweeting #CALeg in all our tweets. We can hope, pray, send out positive thoughts.

Good Luck Cali We're rooting for you!!!
~ Momma Vape

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

California or Bust

It is time to turn our attention to the special session in California, where the e-cigarette has a HUGE battle on their hands with several bills to fight. All eyes should give this situation a lookie-lou. If you are in Cali, YOU NEED TO FIGHT THIS. It is time to e-mail, fax, call, etc. Get Wednesday off of work and GO to the special session. Dress nice, and GO GO GO. Bring family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow vapers, customers by the car, van, truck, or bus load. GO GO GO. This one is HUGE folks. If you don't know what's going on, hit the web, check out your favorite advocacy group for updates, SFATA, CASAA, Notblowingsmoke, AVA, Vaping Militia and others have all been posting info. People outside of Cali, do what you can, spread the word, share facebook posts, tweet to the CA Legislature #CALeg, send a e-mail or fax if you vacation in Cali and tell them you're not coming anymore. Now is NOT the time to leave the fighting to somebody else. Now is the time to join your brothers and sisters and use your VOICE. NOW, before there isn't a "Later".

~ Momma Vape

Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 30 - Who Won The Bet?

WOW, this blog started 30 days ago because of a bet. The bet was that Momma Vape had to prove that there were easy advocacy projects a person could do and develop the habit of advocating to become a part of a person's daily routine. We did say "almost daily" because sometimes, life gets in a person's way. We defined advocacy as: advocating for vaping, raising awareness about vaping, or educating ourselves and others about vaping. The bet was to last 1 month, and we defined that as 30 days. Before we get to who won the bet, Momma Vape who said it was possible, or negative nanny who said it was not possible, we need to finish out the bet by posting our 30th project.

If Momma Vape has said it once, she has said it a thousand times... "TELL YOUR STORY". Type it up and save it to your computer so you can copy and paste it when ever it is needed. Today, Momma asks you to share your story, your "testimonial" with CASAA. They have been working for months to collect testimonials and are thousands shy of the number they hoped they would get. Click here to go to CASAA and tell your story. If you've done a previous project and saved your story, this will be a fill in the blanks, copy paste and done. If you have not created a copy of your story, now would be a good time. Momma Vape submitted her testimonial back in February 2015. (Click here to read Momma's Story). I look forward to having your story join forces with mine!!!!! A couple of short sentences is all you need.

So, who won the bet? Momma Vape or Negative Nanny??? Neither of us did, all of vaping has won!!! This blog has received 1058 page views as of 12:22 pm CST on 8/16/2015. Each post was read. Each post was acted upon. The seed has been planted for many that advocacy is easy to do and can be done in a short period of time. The crazy bet planted the seeds of an idea with the fine folks at and they created a handout that shops and consumers can use with ideas of ways you can advocate in 15 minutes or less a day. If at least 1 person has joined the ranks of vaping advocacy because of this blog, then all of vaping has won! Speaking of #notblowingsmoke, I think they said it the best when a person wonders if they should join the ranks of vaping advocates!!!!

Thanks for going on this adventure with me!
~ Momma Vape

Today's post is dedicated to the strong Vaping Community in Minnesota. You welcomed me with open arms and made me one of your own. It was OK when I agreed with you and it was OK when I didn't. We have supported each other, we have bounced ideas off each other, we have accepted each others march to their own drum, we have fought the fight together, we have laughed and cried together, we have bonded and become family. We are One. The dedication then spreads to vapers around the world, as we have also become family. At 56 years old, I still struggle in life finding that place where I fit in. You have all made me feel like I belong amongst you. I love you for that and I appreciate it beyond what my words can express.

Here's the road we traveled, proving we can advocate in a few minutes a day (almost) every day...

Day #1 - Vote No Day
Day #2 - Surgeon General Seeks Quit Smoking Stories
Day #3 - The Truth About Vaping Emergency Alert
Day #4 - Today is Spread Awareness Day
Day #5 - Who Can Give Me 5 On Donut Day
Day #6 - We All Have A Story To Tell
Day #7 - Try It You'll "LIKE" It
Day #8 - Is It The Nicotine?
Day #9 - Our Tax Dollars Pay For What???
Day #10 - Attainable Advocacy Tonight!
Day #11 - Learn A Little Share A Lot
Day #12 - FDA and HR2058
Day #13 - Momma Needs A No Juice Jar
Day #14 - Lend Me An Ear
Day #15 - Alabama Tweet Fest
Day #16 - Profile Picture Day
Day #17 - Be Grateful
Day #18 - Fire Up Those Pens and Keyboards
Day #19 - Where the Heck is Momma Vape?
Day #20 - Stop The Madness Right Now
Day #21 - Just A Quickie Today
Day #22 - Who is Who? Let's Talk About Togetherness
Day #23 - We ARE Family
Day #24 - How Did YOU Quit Smoking?
Day #25 - I LOVE This Website
Day #26 - CASAA CTA for FDA
Day #27 - Let's Talk About Addiction
Day #28 - Adopt / Sponsor A Smoker
Day #29 - Age To Vape - SFATA
Day #30 - Day 30 Who Won The Bet

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Age to Vape - SFATA

While not all states have passed a minimum age to vape, Momma Vape encourages all shops to refuse to sell to anyone under the age of 18. Some states do have laws on the legal age to vape, and the age ranges from 18 to 21. Is the minimum age to vape post on the door of your favorite shop? If not, please tell them about the FREE Age To Vape Door Decal from SFATA (click here). I'd love to see a sign on every vape shop, tobacco shop, and gas station that sells vape gear all across the USA! Let's work together to dispel the myth that we are marketing to children and do everything in our power to spread the truth. The truth is, we are all about helping people QUIT smoking by what ever method works best for them, and then helping them to resist the urge to ever return to smoking. We do this because we believe that helping save lives is the right thing to do.

Have a great day! Don't forget to spend time with the ones you love.
~ Momma Vape

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Adopt / Sponsor a Smoker

It's nice to see this message being spread across facebook and that is to sponsor or adopt a smoker. Momma Vape likes the thought so much, she is stealing the idea and making it today's project. Find someone who smokes and offer to be their cheerleader / coach and help them quit. Tell them about vaping. Give them some vape gear or help them pick out their first purchase. Help them pick the right nic level. Make sure they know how to safely operate and fill their equipment. Keep in touch, offer encouragement over the next few days or weeks. Be their mentor. HELP SAVE A LIFE!!!

I'm proud of all of you!!!!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, August 14, 2015

Let's Talk About Addiction

I grew up thinking you had to have a drink in your hand to have fun. That's how you relaxed. That is how my family lived. The work day was over when it was martini time. I started smoking at 10. By 14 I was drinking. By 16 I was experimenting with things I shouldn't have. My Uncle and his son both died of liver disease, too many years of sucking on the bottle took them both away too young. I have watched so many friends fight the fight to get on the road to recovery. Many of them made it and lead wonderful lives, too many did not. Some of them who didn't make it lead lives they are not proud of, some of them are 6 foot under and we will forever wonder why they couldn't save themselves and why we were powerless to help them.

Life is all about choices. Choosing to overcome an addiction, ANY addiction means that every day we choose NOT to do what we are addicted to. It might be alcohol, or drugs, or electronics, or sex, or even food. Some days that choice is an easy one and other days, it is a struggle to stick to that choice. Hopefully, those of us who choose to live our lives free of what we are addicted to give ourselves the tools that are needed to help us succeed. That means support and taking care of ourselves and doing what ever it takes.

As a smoker or ex-smoker, does it make you angry to read things that call you an addict? Are you one? How many times did you try to quit? How many times DID you quit, only to start smoking again down the road? I'm not even going to touch the whole scientific part of a smoking addiction, whether it is the nicotine or the chemicals, is a physical or emotional addiction. I'm just going to stop being in denial right now and admit, I am addicted to smoking.

I know this because of the choices I made as a smoker. I knew smoking was bad for me and I smoked anyways. I watched my loved ones die from heart disease and cancer and I kept smoking. I knew second had smoke was bad and I smoked around my children and grandchildren and the children of others. I knew that smoking turned everything around me yellow and yet I smoked and ruined my walls and my furniture and made my house and vehicles reek. I knew smoking was expensive and yet I smoked when that money should have been used to take care of my family. I remember how agitated I would get when I needed a smoke and couldn't have one. And yet, for 46 years, I smoked. Most days were 2 packs a day.

This morning, I read Gabby's Story (please click here). That story reached out and slapped me in the face. It has nothing to do with smoking or vaping, but has everything to do with addiction and how we treat addicts. It has a message that cries out loud and clear, people who are addicted to something need HELP. They don't need to be locked up, ignored, or forgotten. Yes, part of the journey on the road of recovery they must do on their own, but if you look at any type of recovery program for any type of addiction, you will see that no one conquers their addiction alone. We are social animals and we need the love and support of others.

Momma Vape asks you to think about addiction today. Your own and those around you. It is a great thing to tell a smoker about vaping, it is amazingly kind of you to give somebody the equipment to get started vaping, BUT helping them does not stop there! Be a mentor, a cheerleader, an ass kicker if needed, but be there for people who are working to stop their addictive behavior and change their lives. Be it drugs, booze, or smoking BE THERE. Be an ear, a voice, a shoulder. Be aware of helpful resources, be a guide. Lead by example. Sponsor them, give the hope, give them courage, have faith in there, if they fall help them stand back up. BE THERE!!!!!

Fighting to protect the right to vape is a great thing, it will save lives. Let's remember that we are fighting for those who have not yet started on the road to recovery. They need us the most.

My name is Skip, and I am an addict. Until I read Gabby's story I never accepted the fact that throughout my life I have abused many things and have become addicted to many things. Today my heart is full of hope and gratitude. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Love to you all!
~ Momma Vape

Dedicated to my Mom. Yesterday would have been her 76th Birthday... Smoking related diseases and mental illness took her away from us years ago. But I can close my eyes and remember the Mom of my youth, my hero, my world. In her day, the good years, she was an amazing woman. A survivor. A really cool Mom. May I always hold onto the goodness that she had in her, may I nurture it and grow it, may I plant the seeds of the goodness everywhere I go and spread that goodness to share with others. She was always proud of my goodness. Today I hold on to that.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


CASAA has issued a CTA (Call To Action) that applies to all of us who vape. Click here to go to the call to action @ CASAA's website.

Going to be a hot sticky day up here in Minnesota. Reminds me, I should drink some extra fluids today. No use trying to be healthy by quitting smoking if I'm not going to also do things like drink more water and juice. I've already cut way back on my consumption of soda (aka pop or coke, depending on where you live). Baby steps.......... if I keep making good choices, hopefully my kids and grandkids will be "stuck" with me for years to come!!!! The last couple of years have taught me to cherish every minute with them!

Thank-you for choosing to vape and to cut back or quit those stink sticks. I hope your family is also blessed with being "stuck" with you for years to come! <Big Grin>

~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I LOVE this website

Today, Momma Vape suggest you go browse the Not Blowing Smoke (click here) and educate your self on some very useful points that are helpful when talking to people who know nothing about vaping, or the only thing they know is the false information they have heard.

Oh, and hug somebody you love. Enjoy your day!
~Momma Vape

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How Did YOU Quit Smoking?

Today's project is for those of you with facebook accounts. Momma Vape would like all of you who have quit smoking to answer this question for the American Cancer Society "How Did You Quit Smoking?" (click here). Keep it professional. No bashing of the ACS please. Let's just give them a clue of how many of us there are.

Have a great day!
~ Momma Vape

Monday, August 10, 2015

We ARE Family

What is vaping?

To some, it is an industry. Depending on what side of the fence you are on, it is either a life saving industry or the next thing that will be as evil as combustible tobacco. In case you can't tell, Momma Vape is standing proudly on the life saving side of that fence.

Some refer to us as a subculture.

Some liken us to a community.

Obviously, being given a name like "Momma Vape" means all of you are more than any of the above to me, and likewise I am more than that to some of you.

We ARE family. My son vapes, many of my friends vape - the types of friends you refer to as your brothers and sisters. I've met many amazing people out there in the vape family, and I consider it an honor to have them be a member of my family.

We really are like a family. We are diverse, we vary in ages, occupations, income levels and opinions. Sometimes, like any family, the opinion part gets us into a little family fued, but we always find a way to kiss and make up.

Like a family, we find it important to take care of our own. That is what Momma Vape is encouraging you to do today. Take care of our own. Find a vaper who is struggling and do a little pay it forward. Somebody out of e-liquid a couple of days before payday? Give them some. Somebodies device bite the dust? Lend them one of yours. Somebody fighting Cancer? Babysit their kids, donate some money, or fix their family some meals. Somebody having a hard time quitting smoking? Be there for them, give them somebody to talk to, cheer them on.

The tighter of a family we become, the richer all of our lives will be. The better team we will make. We will be there for each other in good times and bad. We'll car pool to the state capital to fight unfair taxes and laws, we'll be there for graduations - weddings - and funerals. We'll laugh at each others jokes, and we'll go out to dinner. We will fish, and hunt, and race, and walk, and bike.........

OH yeah, speaking of bikes, Momma Vape is very upset about a vaper who bikes. A young man who road his bike to the vape store he works at and had a cement block thrown at him. He needs his vaping and his cycling families right now. He needs encouragement and he needs help. You can read about it and watch the video here: (click here WCCO news). Recovery is going to be a long and painful road. If you have a $1 or 2 or 5, would you please go to his Go Fund Me page and throw down a donation to help him get back on his feet? His name is Mackenzie and you can find his fundraising page here (just a little click will do it.). You can also go to the facebook page of the company he works for and offer some words of encouragement. He works at Infinate Vapor (click here).

Momma Vape can not understand why one stranger would throw a chunk of a cement block at another person, but she is hoping that Karma bites the person who did this to Mackenzie!

Yep, the world needs more love, less hate.

 ~Momma Vape

Today's post is dedicated to the woman who has been "Auntie Netty" to my son most of his life. She is my best friend, she is the sister I never had. She is the woman who taught me it is not only blood that makes a "family", it is a bond, a love for each other, a commitment to be there for each other no matter what.We have not a drop of common blood, but she is more family to me than many members of my family. This morning, her mother lost her battle with cancer. My heart aches so bad for Netty and her family. I would give anything to take the pain away and it is a hard pill to swallow that there is nothing I can do to make this better for her. I can just be here. Silently standing like a big rock, just in case she needs one to lean on. I love you Netty, I am so sorry you have lost your Mom.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Who is Who? Let's Talk About Togetherness

Momma Vape realized she keeps asking you to support various vape organizations and maybe some of you don't know what some of these organizations are about. Today's project is to watch this video: Together Win or Lose (click here) and learn about 3 well known vaping organizations that do a great job for all of us, and who need OUR support fighting for vaping. Please feel free to share this video with everyone you know, via facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

Together..... Momma Vape likes that thought!
~ Momma Vape

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just a Quickie Today

<Clears throat> Due to the extensive length of yesterday's post aka "rant", today Momma Vape will throw a quickie your way, as you did a weeks worth of reading yesterday. Become a Member of CASAA (Click Here). It is quick, easy, free, and IMPORTANT. If you are already a member, you can take the day off, or join another advocacy group.

Happy Saturday!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, August 7, 2015


I am sorry, this is going to be a long one. Hope you can bear with me.

Let's say you just got a panicked phone call from your Mom. She just came upon a motorcycle accident and realized it's your brother and his head was covered in blood. She is freaked out, she is screaming at you to call the whole family and meet you at the hospital because your brother cracked his head open and it's not good. As fast as you can, you call your spouse, children, siblings, grandparents and you fly out the door and you drive to the hospital with more intensity than any Indy 500 driver. You run down the halls praying your brother is still alive, so you can see him one last time. A nurse directs you to the examining room. You shove your way past some people in scrubs, leap into the room and can't believe your eyes. There is your brother, sitting up on the bed, waiting for discharge papers so he can go home. His shirt is stained with blood, he has a little road rash and 3 stitches on his forehead. You look across the room to your Mom who is sobbing her little heart out. She is so grateful your brother is going to be ok. Cracked his head open????? Hardly! So, do you happily go about the room, hugging your family, or do you go up to your Mom, start screaming at her, calling her names and vowing to never have anything to do with her because she is nothing but a liar? Liar? Is your Mom a liar? Hmmmmmmm let's take a moment and think about this. We'll get back to your dear old Mom later.

So after giving your brother a ride home and making arrangements for somebody with a truck and trailer to go get his bike, you go home to your family. To calm your nerves, you sit down at the computer and check out your news feed on facebook. You see some interesting posts and you share them to your wall. One you find so amazing, you even tweet about it. An hour later, somebody responds to your facebook post with a link from OMG, what you post isn't real. It's not the truth. Are you a liar? Should people attack you with anger and name calling? How would you feel if they did?

We often see things, read things, hear things, and witness things that we interpret to be a certain way. It is the truth to us. When we express to others what we believe to be the truth and it's not, are we liars? Or are we just being human?

By now, I'm sure you're wondering why Momma Vape is going on and on about who is a liar. In the wee hours of the morning, I read this blog post Say Goodbye to the American Cancer Society (click here), and my heart sunk. It referred to the recent ban of e-cigs in the city of Jordan, MN. It also referred to a thank-you letter written to the local paper by a volunteer of the American Cancer Society showing gratitude for the recently passed ban. There wasn't an ounce of truth in that letter! (click here to read the letter) My blood pressure went up and I got very, very angry. How dare that lady lie about what I believe is the driving force that saved my young sons life??? Who does she think she is???

To add to my distress, I have seen the American Cancer Society do wonderful things. I have seen them do some great educational things, I have seen their volunteers be there for families dealing with cancer. I have seen them help families find the resources to get the help they need. I have volunteered at ACS fundraisers. And now... now they are the "enemy". Are they financially driven because of who donates to them, or are they liars, or are they just misinformed?

I whipped up a post, included the link to the blog I referenced above and expressed my distress all over facebook land. I brought up the need to turn these liars from enemies to allies. People on facebook responded. Some with their own theories, some with their own disgust, some with painful memories of their loved ones who died from cancer. One of the people who responded insinuated I was a fool, and was clueless about what I was talking about, and felt they knew more about my feelings than I do. OUCH!!! It hurts to be called names and I immediately got very defensive and fired up my poison pen and put them in their place.

Wait a minute........ we need to back up the train here. Didn't I call the lady who wrote the thank-you letter a liar? Some lady in small town America? Somebody who is acting on what she believes to be the truth? Somebody who's opinion is based on what she has been told about vaping, or what she has seen on the news and read in the newspaper. I know nothing about her. What drives her passion? Did she watch a loved one slowly die from lung cancer after smoking for years? Is she doing every thing in her power to fight anything she believes could cause others to die? Is she trying to protect people from going through the pain she has been through?

Every time I hear testimony that is not factual about vaping, I call them a liar. When I read things that does not jive with what I believe about vaping, I refer to the author as a liar. But are they a liar???? Or are they misinformed? Was your mom a liar when she thought your brother cracked his head open? Were you a liar when you shared a post that looked factual to you and it was nothing more than an urban legend? Was I a fool when I felt the need for those who are our vaping enemies to become our allies?

Why is it that when we don't agree with somebody, we have to revert to name calling and anger? Momma Vape has a project for all of you, and it requires you to reach out to the enemy with your truth, not with name calling, not with anger, but with responsible, calm adult truth. If you are going to continue to do what hasn't worked and that is attacking people with rude statements, anger, and name calling, I am going to tell you to do what my friend Jason Downing does, and that is to....
Yep, Jason tells me to talk to the hand.

Today, I want you to reach out to the American Cancer Society and I want you to tell them the truth. I want us to avoid making up our minds that volunteers across the small towns and big cities of America are evil people plotting the financial future of their non-profit organization, and all of us trying to save lives can be damned. I want us all to stop assuming they are nothing more than a pack of liars. I believe it is very possible that the high ups in all kinds of organizations and corporations can have ulterior motives as to why they are trying to outlaw vaping. But I also believe there are lots of people out there doing their grass roots thing, who believe they are doing the right thing fighting vaping. THOSE are the people I want us to reach out to. Those are the people we need on our side. The Moms, grandpas, sisters, husbands, fighting the good fight to make the world a better place. We just need them to come over to OUR side and fight the right fight.

It is time to approach the "enemy". It is time to spread the truth. It is time to stop assuming that they are liars and consider the fact that they could be misinformed, misled, or misunderstand the facts. What can you tell someone who is misinformed? It can be how vaping has saved your life or the life of someone you know, or it can be about how the information they give isn't correct or doesn't apply to actual vaping. But it needs to be done calmly. Passion is ok, but lashing out at others in anger is not. Name calling is not ok. If we attack people and put them on the defensive, they will be our enemies for ever. Momma Vape had the world's coolest Grandpappy, and he always believed you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. So, let's open a 55 gallon drum of honey and spread around some sweetness. Will we convince anyone to join our side? Their minds are already made up, so it's going to take a lot of honey, but it can be done. The only way we will ever know is to try. Spread the love, not the hate. If we hate on them, they will continue to hate on us. No loaded barrels in this battle, just lots of love. Love for ourselves in our battle over combustible tobacco. Love for the smoker who hasn't yet found a way to break free. Love for our families who want us to forever be ex-smokers. And love for those who are misguided.

I'll leave it up to you how you want to go about spreading the love. You could certainly write a letter to the newspaper reference above and correct some of the errors that were made in that letter. You can write a letter to your own local newspaper.

You can post on the facebook wall of the American Cancer Society (click here for ACS on fb). You could tweet a little "love" and knowledge or a #vapingsavedmylife to @AmericanCancer. If you run across somebody who volunteers with this organization, how about inviting them out for a cup of coffee. How about some good old fashioned listening to them? Find out what they think they know and why they believe what they believe. And then calmly, share your story, share what you know, share why you know this to be the truth. Share information. We have millions of people to educate, to win over to our side. Not only for us, but for all the smokers out there. And the future smokers.

One last thought...........
I am somebody who traditionally donates to the American Cancer Society. That will stop by the time I hit send on this blog post. I will send them a nice letter and explain WHY I will no longer be donating to them, and what must happen for me to resume those donations. I might even mention a favorite vaping organization that those donations will now be earmarked for. :)

I will continue to support people who are fighting cancer. I will continue to attend and donate to their personal fundraisers. They and their families need our love and support more than we can imagine, unless we've already had to travel down the hideous road that is Cancer. They do not deserve to lose our support because of the stance that the American Cancer Society has taken against vaping. Those families will ALWAYS have my love and support. Two such families come to my mind as I write this, my best friend who had to start her Mom on morphine today because the pain from cancer is more than she can bear, and a vaping advocate who I admire and respect very much as he stands by his wife's side as she bravely fights her own cancer battle. Those families don't need to hear us hating on the Cancer society and their volunteers. Those families don't need us putting them between a rock and a hard place making them feel as if they should choose between vaping advocacy and cancer advocacy. Those families need us to share love and support and find the right way to fight our fight, so they can focus on their battle against cancer at home.

Yes, when I don't hear the truth I get angry. Actually, I get really pissed off when I hear what to me is a pack of lies. But I need to use my anger to fuel my passion to advocate for vaping, not use my anger as an excuse to lash out at others, calling them names, filling the world full of rudeness, disrespect and hate. I need to channel that anger info the fire that burns in my belly, the one that won't let me quit until the fight is over. And I need to use my brains, not my wrath, and find a way to turn my enemies into my allies. This is how we will gain the numbers we need to win what is our goal, and that is the right to vape, the right for others to vape, the right to help save lives. Momma Vape wants you to join her, to reach out to others, to the non-vapers and bring them into our circle.

Momma Vape will get off her soap box now. Wishing you all a good weekend.
~ Momma Vape

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where the heck is Momma Vape????

Wow, the day is supposed to already be done by now for Momma Vape, I'm usually sleeping by now! Momma had a busy day, worked until 9 a.m., Vaping advocacy meeting at 10 a.m., very busy day at son's vape shop. Finally home, fed my face and went UH OH!!!! No daily project yet!!!! <hangs my head in shame>. Where the heck did the day go??? Good thing we set this up as Quick (almost) Daily projects in the area of Vaping Advocacy, Awareness, and Education! I think I need one of those (almost) days! If you joined us late to this party, or if you've already used an (almost) day, please take a peek at our previous projects and pick one. If you've already done ALL the projects, then either treat yourself to an (almost) day, or go back and do one of your favorites a second time, or simply  spend some time on your favorite social media site or news group and catch up on what's new in the vaping world. Lots of stuff coming down the pipe, lots of folks have their eyes on California. (Click here for previous days projects)

Sweet Dreams!
~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fire up those pens and keyboards!

Momma Vape is my newest name in life. It's funny how many shoes we fill as we progress through the stages of living. Daughter, cousin, granddaughter, girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, grandma, great grandma, friend, co-worker, coupon queen, frugal, environmentalist, feminist, genealogist, advocate, musician, employee, boss, business owner, etc., are all titles that make up part of who I am. Notice writer is not on the list. I've been known for a pretty good poison pen letter a few times in my life. When emotion grips me, often the anger one, sometimes the words will flow. Most of the time, writing is a struggle for me. So it is kind of ironic that I am trying to write an (almost) daily blog!

One of the titles above is coupon queen. I am rather proud of that one. I have never had endless funds to spend. I have always had to be thrifty. I grew up in that environment and my family are experts at fixing things, re-using things, and stretching a dollar.

Between the writing and the money, I'm sure I have hit a common thread with most of the people reading this. By now, you are probably wondering what the 2 things have in common. I promise they are connected!!!!

As we look at vaping advocacy, we are up against some people who have a lot of cold hard cash to throw in the battle against us. I wonder how much money big tobacco has to spend on ads and lobbyists? How about the Pharmaceutical companies? All the non-smoking organizations funded by the tobacco settlement? Americans For NonSmokers Rights, Cancer Associations, Health Associations, Medical Groups, Youth groups, there is a long list of people who stand before us and our right to vape and our ability to help others quit smoking. We are but a few. We have some great organizations standing up for us, #NOTBlowingSmoke, CASAA, SFATA, AVA, Vaping Militia, all our state organizations, etc. are fighting with all their mite! But dollar for dollar, these groups that fight for us do not have the funding to hire as many lobbyists, buy billboards, buy tv ads, buy radio ads, put ads in the newspaper, print brochures, travel to speak, etc. as the groups fighting for us have.

That my friends is a problem!!!!! The Momma Vape side of my life needs to join forces with the Coupon Queen side. All of you need to do the same. A few days ago, the project for the day was to donate $5 to advocacy. I encourage you to donate to a vaping advocacy group every opportunity that you can. But I also encourage you to join in at that grass roots level, the old fashioned "let your voices be heard" level. Speak up, write, promote, and educate about vaping!!!!

How can you do this???? Use home made signs when you go to a meeting or a hearing. Make homemade flyers and hang them on the bulleting board down at the gas station, wear vaping t-shirts, put a pro-vaping bumper sticker on your car. AND WRITE!! Yes, write. Don't tell me you can't do it because you can. And if you have a barrier that makes it hard for you to do this (like a learning disability that makes it hard for you to write) then ask a friend to write your words for you. Tell them what you want to say. Write a draft, put it down, go back to it later and read it, edit it, keep at it and then hit that send button and send it off!

If there is no current battle in your area, if you don't need to write to your senator today, then write a letter to the editor. Help all of us educate the public, sway public opinion. We are getting to the point in this battle where we now need the help of NONVAPERS to support us, what we do, and why we do it. All those negative ads are hurting us. It is time to turn the tide! If you are on facebook, the #NOTBlowingSmoke group (click here) has some excellent graphics that are awesome and should be shared. They are also on twitter (click here). Follow them, they are good at what they do.
Don't know what to write? Tell you story, tell how you believe vaping is saving your life. Take 1 lie that is spread about vaping and write a paragraph or two and tell the truth. You don't need to write a book, just a paragraph or 2. Not all letters will get printed, but each one that does helps raise awareness, helps educate. Keep them professional, use a spell checker, and put your thoughts and feelings into words.

If Momma Vape can do it, you can do it, too! My Letter to the editor 8/3/15 (click here)

Please feel free to post your letters in the comments below, or links to any letters that get printed.
~ Momma Vape

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Be Grateful

Today all that is needed is to be grateful for the fights that we win. Alabama defeated the e-liquid tax today. You can read all about it on facebook: (Click Here)

If you know a council member, committee member, representative, senator, governor, etc. that has supported anti-vaping laws, take a minute to thank them. If you know a vaping advocate that is working their tale off fight for your rights, thank them.

Momma Vape wants to thank YOU for your efforts to be a daily advocate.
Until tomorrow.......
~ Momma Vape

Monday, August 3, 2015

Profile Picture Day

The folks at Breath Easier Alliance of Alabama (click here for their facebook page) are asking vapers around the world to show your support for them and anyone else fighting sin taxes on vape products by changing your profile picture on facebook, twitter, instagram, google, and any other social media sites you participate in. Feel free to add a #alleg to the comments on your picture. See the picture below for the picture they are requesting we all use. It doesn't matter where you live, everyone is a member of the vaping community, and Momma Vape hopes you all are able to show support for one another.

My friend Bennie, from ECig Lounge in Waite Park, MN calls all of us vaping advocate Ninjas. It makes me very proud to stand up with all of you for our rights and the rights of all smokers who want to quit. Ninja Powers Unite!

~ Momma Vape

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Alabama Tweet Fest!

Our Vaping Brothers & Sisters in Alabama are facing a potential nasty tax on their e-cig products during this week's special session. Let's give them a hand and tweet a special message to their Representatives, Senators, and Governor. Please keep it civil, factual, & professional! Also, please include #alleg in your tweets! Find me on twitter @imaracingmom (click here) . Feel free to retweet my tweets or come up with your own. If you have characters left in your tweet, please add @GovernorBentley.

If you live in Alabama, they are having a rally at the capitol on Aug. 4th. (Click here for facebook rally page). If you can't make it to the rally, be sure you are e-mailing and calling your representatives and senators!!!

You can also find more information at the Breath Easier Alliance of Alabama (Click Here) facebook page

Good Luck Alabama, we are all standing with you!!!!
~Momma Vape

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lend Me An Ear

Some of you are becoming convinced you really DO have time to advocate daily. This all started with a bet, that we can find time to advocate almost every day. We defined Advocacy as doing an activity advocating for vaping, or raising awareness about vaping, or educating ourselves / others about vaping.

Are some of you still finding it a struggle to participate in a daily activity? Problem solved with today's project. Today, you can multi-task. All you have to do is LISTEN! Yep, hop on that exercise bike and listen, fix supper and listen, cuddle a baby and listen, open your mail and listen, or dust the living room and listen. Easy Peasy Momma Vape likes to say!!!!

There are many vaping podcasts our there. Many of them are live shows which are then put online to listen to at anytime. So if you are too busy to DO something, then take a few minutes to listen while  you go about your day. You'll learn things, you'll hear things that make you go "hmmmm", you'll ponder things, and you will still be accomplishing our (almost) daily goal.

I'll give you 2 shows to start with, I'm sure we'll add to our list in a future blog.
Vape Politics (click here)
Attainable Advocacy (click here)

If you end up with an extra minute, Momma Vape would love some "LIKES" on our facebook page The Daily Advocate (click here)

Sending you all a Momma Vape Hug!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, July 31, 2015

Momma Needs a No Juice Jar

Today is July 31st. It's really one of those "once in a blue moon" days! The second full moon of the month. Our 13th day of trying to Advocate Daily.

Momma Vape has a confession for you all. I have the worst habit of calling my e-liquid "juice". Do you share this habit with me? I'm making a vow beginning to day to stop calling it "juice" and start calling it e-liquid, or liquid. We fight the constant battle of those who oppose what we do (help people quit smoking and save lives) saying we are marketing to kids. Saying our liquid is poison to kids. I started thinking "Juice" is not a good word for our liquid. It sounds like something someone should drink. It sounds like something that would appeal to kids. You and I both know that influencing kids to vape is NOT what we are trying to do, it's not what the manufacturers of the products we use are trying to do, but it is what some twist and lie about and accuse us of.

Momma Vape is going to Boss Vape's shop in a few hours. I'm going to make myself a "no juice" jar. I spend a lot of hours hanging out at my son's vape shop. I want everyone who comes into the shop to help me break my "juice" habit. Every time you hear me call E-Liquid "juice" I want you to bust me. Each time I am busted, I will put a quarter in the No Juice Jar. That money will be donated to a vaping advocacy organization. I invite all customers who come into the store to also break the "juice" habit and throw in a quarter if they get busted.

Anyone who catches me calling e-liquid "juice" after today in this blog or on facebook, twitter, etc. is welcome to bust me and another quarter will go in the no juice jar.

I invite ALL of you to create your own no juice jar. Let's all refer to the products we use in adult terms, not something somebody can use against us, and definitely not a term a child could misinterpret.

And there you go, another project crossed off the list!
~ Momma Vape

Thursday, July 30, 2015

FDA and HR2058

Quick project today, Please complete the CTA (Call to Action) put out by those hard working folks at CASAA Support HR2058 (click here). Time to project small businesses all across the USA and your right to vape, and the right of millions of smokers to try vaping as a tool to help them win the battle to quit smoking!!!!!!

 We can't win if we don't try. It is time to turn our attention to the FDA.

~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Learn a Little, Share a Lot

Sometimes I find myself tongue tied when I have to speak or write a letter or make a phone call. I listen to misinformation about vaping being passed around and my mind goes blank. I think I need to make myself a little cheat sheet of counter points, the truth, so I have it handy when I need to refer to it. I've been working on that project for a couple of days, and then I ran across this blog post by Aspire "17 Untrue E-cigarette Myths BUSTED" (click here) and it covered some of the points I was trying to cement in my head for future reference. Go ahead, give it a read, share the link with others. We could all use a little more truth in our lives!

Loving all of us discovering it is easy to be an advocate!
~ Momma Vape

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Attainable Advocacy TONIGHT!

Today's project is to sit back and enjoy the show!

Tonight at 9PM Eastern, catch the online show "Attainable Advocacy". Tonights topics: making a difference in 15 minutes a day (or less), a few words on Vape Expo New Jersey and YOUR questions! Join them at The Ohm Page (now with improved chat!) tonight as they start the countdown to ECC!

Keep Calm and Vape On!
~ Momma Vape

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Tax Dollars Pay For What?????

By now, many of you are aware of the campaign by the California Department of Health spreading outright lies about vaping. We are so blessed that #NOTBlowingSmoke has come about and the folks over there are busting their butts to try and counter the lies with the truth. Not only in California, but across the land. I just wanted to tip my hat to those fine folks, I really like the job they are doing.

Departments of health must feel the need to copy each other, as Pierce County Washington has joined the anti-vaping smear campaign. Go ahead, say it, we are all thinking it........ UGH! Here's a video put out by the folks from Pierce County: E-Cigaretts Are Harmful - Think Again Pierce County. I don't know about you, but I'm not excited to see our tax dollars used to create such.... well, I can't think of a lady-like word, so I'll let you fill in the blank. Feel free to leave that video a thumbs down and an educational comment. :)

Then, I stumbled upon a couple of Billboards put out by these folks...........

Is anyone's blood pressure going up yet? Mine is!!!!!

Today's project is to let Pierce County know how vaping saved your life.

Here is their website if you'd like to use the "contact us" link

Here is their facebook page: Think Again Pierce County on Facebook

Here is Pierce County Health on Twitter: Pierce County Health Remember to use: @TPCHD

PLEASE keep all posts to Pierce County respectful and professional. Calling them names does NOT prove we know what we are talking about. Share YOUR story, share facts with sources, EDUCATE don't ALIENATE!

~Momma Vape

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Is It The Nicotine?

What do you know about nicotine? Is or was it hard for you to quit smoking because of a nicotine addiction? Today's project will take you less than 5 minutes, watch this video The Truth About Vaping - The Nicotine Misconception" and see if you feel the same about YOUR "nicotine addiction" when your done.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!
~ Momma Vape

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Try it, you'll "LIKE" it!

For those of you on facebook, find an advocacy group you haven't participated in yet, give them a "LIKE" and then be sure you click the option to "follow" or "get notifications" so their posts show up on your news feed. There are TONS of active advocacy groups on facebook. You should be able to find one for your state and national ones. There are some for consumers and some for businesses. If you don' know of any, ask your vaping friends or at a local shop. I'll give a couple of national ones below. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite facebook advocacy groups! (Local, State, National, or World)

The Vaping Militia
NOT Blowing Smoke

Wishing you all a smoke free day!
~ Momma Vape

Friday, July 24, 2015

We All Have a Story To Tell

Today's project: Tell you story. You can tell it to someone in person, you can post it on facebook, you can tweet it, you can type it up and save if for the next letter writing campaign. Stories / testimonials are a powerful advocacy tool. You're vaping for a reason, and maybe your reason will be the one that some smoker needs to hear to get motivated to quit smoking.

Have a great weekend!
~ Momma Vape

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who can give me 5 on Donut Day??

We're not talking a High Five, or 5 pushups, or 5 minutes. Today, we're wondering who can toss at least $5 into the hat for the benefit of vaping?

OMG, I just realized I typoed the title, it's DONATE DAY, not Donut Day! LOL guess I've got breakfast on my mind. :)

$5.. can you imagine what would happen if each of us could donate $5 to the cause? What is $5? A hamburger, a flavored coffee, a coil or 2, or even a couple of donuts. I'm betting most of us could find a way to squeak at least $5 out of our budgets.

Advocacy can be expensive. Paying for lobbyists, printed material, websites, advertising and travel expenses are just a few of the things that advocacy organizations need funding for.

So how about it? Can you give vaping advocacy a 5? I'll give you a virtual high 5 in return! I'll suggest a couple of possible advocacy organizations below, you will also find organizations specific to your state and other national organizations if you search for them. It's not important to me which one you give to, as long as you give!


The American Vaping Association

The last one I'm going to list is not for a vaping organization, even though it is run by vapers. 4 little vape shops in a small community are putting community FIRST and raising funds to help local residents recover from a devastating storm that dropped thousands of trees on homes, cars, power lines, businesses, etc. They have set a goal to raise $1000. You can find it here: Brainerd Lakes Area Storm Relief Fund As soon as the vapers in this area are done helping their community get back on their feet, this merry band of vapers WILL return to the fight, as they are facing local anti-vaping ordinances in the near futre.

It will only take a couple of minutes to pick an organization, click on "donate" and contribute to the cause. Feels good doesn't it? It is so easy to be an active, daily advocate!

~ Momma Vape

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Today is spread awareness day. Change your profile picture somewhere or every where to a simple message..... "Vaping is NOT smoking" Be creative, design your own or steal the one below. Facebook, twitter, the sky's the limit. Let's raise some public awareness today!!!!

'Nuff said! Have a good day!
~ Momma Vape
Click here to go to our facebook page

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Truth About Vaping - EMERGENCY ALERT

Sometimes politics leaves me with a really rotten taste in my mouth. Current events in California is just the type of politics I'm thinking of. I get really frustrated when it's all about the money and not about the people!

Today it does not matter if you're in California or somewhere else. Today's project is to spend a couple of minutes and watch a video and educate yourself. Any one who has watched old movies has heard the expression "READY, AIM, FIRE!". Watch the video and start following the groups it mentions, and be ready for the next step. It's very true, "if it can happen in California, it can happen anywhere". It's a train we must all work together to stop!

Video: Truth About Vaping - EMERGENCY ALERT

Other useful links.... on facebook Official Website on twitter

The Vaping Militia on facebook
The Vaping Militia official website
The Vaping Militia on Twitter

CASAA on Facebook
CASAA official website
CASAA on Twitter

SFATA on facebook
SFATA official website
SFATA on twitter

AVA on facebook
AVA official website
AVA on twitter

Let's aim our sites on unfair anti-vaping legislation!

Monday, July 20, 2015

#StoryForChange - Surgeon General Seeks Quit Smoking Stories

OK Vapers.... fire off a quick tweet with your quit smoking by vaping story. Be sure to include the #StoryForChange hashtag in your tweet! These stories are requested by our U.S. Surgeon General!

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA, serves as America’s doctor, providing info to improve public health & leading the USPHS Commissioned Corps.

Anybody wondering why we would do this??? Well, it's a numbers game and here's a great opportunity to remind the government of how many of us are living healthier and longer lives as ex-smokers (and people who smoke less).

There, your quick advocacy trip is done for the day!

Ahhhhh, feels good to have our voices heard, doesn't it? :)
~ Momma Vape
We're on facebook! The Daily Advocate by Momma Vape
Sometimes you can find me hanging out on twitter @imaracingmom

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vote NO Day

Today's trip down the advocacy trail finds us stopping in the small town of Baxter, MN population 7,781. Baxter boarders the larger town of Brainerd which has a population of 13,487. The two towns support 4 dedicated vape shops.

These communities are highly dependent on the tourist industry, so the area vape shops have invited everyone to participate in the poll published by the local paper, The Brainerd Dispatch. The poll is on the right side of this article Baxter City Coucil: Baxter looks at restricting e-cigs and is titled: "Should e-cigarettes be restricted like regular cigarettes?"

Several of the Baxter area hotels have submitted a letter to the Baxter city council requesting the the council write an ordinance to include vaping as part of the clean indoor air act. This would mean that local businesses could no longer decide if they want to allow indoor vaping or not. One of the things the owners / managers of the hotels told the Baxter city council is "It is also well-documented that not only nicotine, but controlled substances such as marijuana and hashish oils are commonly used in them." (Emphasis is my own)

The goal of a facebook event Vote NO Day - "Should e-cigs be regulated like regular cigarettes" is to achieve 1000 votes by the end of the day.

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