Monday, August 10, 2015

We ARE Family

What is vaping?

To some, it is an industry. Depending on what side of the fence you are on, it is either a life saving industry or the next thing that will be as evil as combustible tobacco. In case you can't tell, Momma Vape is standing proudly on the life saving side of that fence.

Some refer to us as a subculture.

Some liken us to a community.

Obviously, being given a name like "Momma Vape" means all of you are more than any of the above to me, and likewise I am more than that to some of you.

We ARE family. My son vapes, many of my friends vape - the types of friends you refer to as your brothers and sisters. I've met many amazing people out there in the vape family, and I consider it an honor to have them be a member of my family.

We really are like a family. We are diverse, we vary in ages, occupations, income levels and opinions. Sometimes, like any family, the opinion part gets us into a little family fued, but we always find a way to kiss and make up.

Like a family, we find it important to take care of our own. That is what Momma Vape is encouraging you to do today. Take care of our own. Find a vaper who is struggling and do a little pay it forward. Somebody out of e-liquid a couple of days before payday? Give them some. Somebodies device bite the dust? Lend them one of yours. Somebody fighting Cancer? Babysit their kids, donate some money, or fix their family some meals. Somebody having a hard time quitting smoking? Be there for them, give them somebody to talk to, cheer them on.

The tighter of a family we become, the richer all of our lives will be. The better team we will make. We will be there for each other in good times and bad. We'll car pool to the state capital to fight unfair taxes and laws, we'll be there for graduations - weddings - and funerals. We'll laugh at each others jokes, and we'll go out to dinner. We will fish, and hunt, and race, and walk, and bike.........

OH yeah, speaking of bikes, Momma Vape is very upset about a vaper who bikes. A young man who road his bike to the vape store he works at and had a cement block thrown at him. He needs his vaping and his cycling families right now. He needs encouragement and he needs help. You can read about it and watch the video here: (click here WCCO news). Recovery is going to be a long and painful road. If you have a $1 or 2 or 5, would you please go to his Go Fund Me page and throw down a donation to help him get back on his feet? His name is Mackenzie and you can find his fundraising page here (just a little click will do it.). You can also go to the facebook page of the company he works for and offer some words of encouragement. He works at Infinate Vapor (click here).

Momma Vape can not understand why one stranger would throw a chunk of a cement block at another person, but she is hoping that Karma bites the person who did this to Mackenzie!

Yep, the world needs more love, less hate.

 ~Momma Vape

Today's post is dedicated to the woman who has been "Auntie Netty" to my son most of his life. She is my best friend, she is the sister I never had. She is the woman who taught me it is not only blood that makes a "family", it is a bond, a love for each other, a commitment to be there for each other no matter what.We have not a drop of common blood, but she is more family to me than many members of my family. This morning, her mother lost her battle with cancer. My heart aches so bad for Netty and her family. I would give anything to take the pain away and it is a hard pill to swallow that there is nothing I can do to make this better for her. I can just be here. Silently standing like a big rock, just in case she needs one to lean on. I love you Netty, I am so sorry you have lost your Mom.