Friday, July 31, 2015

Momma Needs a No Juice Jar

Today is July 31st. It's really one of those "once in a blue moon" days! The second full moon of the month. Our 13th day of trying to Advocate Daily.

Momma Vape has a confession for you all. I have the worst habit of calling my e-liquid "juice". Do you share this habit with me? I'm making a vow beginning to day to stop calling it "juice" and start calling it e-liquid, or liquid. We fight the constant battle of those who oppose what we do (help people quit smoking and save lives) saying we are marketing to kids. Saying our liquid is poison to kids. I started thinking "Juice" is not a good word for our liquid. It sounds like something someone should drink. It sounds like something that would appeal to kids. You and I both know that influencing kids to vape is NOT what we are trying to do, it's not what the manufacturers of the products we use are trying to do, but it is what some twist and lie about and accuse us of.

Momma Vape is going to Boss Vape's shop in a few hours. I'm going to make myself a "no juice" jar. I spend a lot of hours hanging out at my son's vape shop. I want everyone who comes into the shop to help me break my "juice" habit. Every time you hear me call E-Liquid "juice" I want you to bust me. Each time I am busted, I will put a quarter in the No Juice Jar. That money will be donated to a vaping advocacy organization. I invite all customers who come into the store to also break the "juice" habit and throw in a quarter if they get busted.

Anyone who catches me calling e-liquid "juice" after today in this blog or on facebook, twitter, etc. is welcome to bust me and another quarter will go in the no juice jar.

I invite ALL of you to create your own no juice jar. Let's all refer to the products we use in adult terms, not something somebody can use against us, and definitely not a term a child could misinterpret.

And there you go, another project crossed off the list!
~ Momma Vape