Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who can give me 5 on Donut Day??

We're not talking a High Five, or 5 pushups, or 5 minutes. Today, we're wondering who can toss at least $5 into the hat for the benefit of vaping?

OMG, I just realized I typoed the title, it's DONATE DAY, not Donut Day! LOL guess I've got breakfast on my mind. :)

$5.. can you imagine what would happen if each of us could donate $5 to the cause? What is $5? A hamburger, a flavored coffee, a coil or 2, or even a couple of donuts. I'm betting most of us could find a way to squeak at least $5 out of our budgets.

Advocacy can be expensive. Paying for lobbyists, printed material, websites, advertising and travel expenses are just a few of the things that advocacy organizations need funding for.

So how about it? Can you give vaping advocacy a 5? I'll give you a virtual high 5 in return! I'll suggest a couple of possible advocacy organizations below, you will also find organizations specific to your state and other national organizations if you search for them. It's not important to me which one you give to, as long as you give!


The American Vaping Association

The last one I'm going to list is not for a vaping organization, even though it is run by vapers. 4 little vape shops in a small community are putting community FIRST and raising funds to help local residents recover from a devastating storm that dropped thousands of trees on homes, cars, power lines, businesses, etc. They have set a goal to raise $1000. You can find it here: Brainerd Lakes Area Storm Relief Fund As soon as the vapers in this area are done helping their community get back on their feet, this merry band of vapers WILL return to the fight, as they are facing local anti-vaping ordinances in the near futre.

It will only take a couple of minutes to pick an organization, click on "donate" and contribute to the cause. Feels good doesn't it? It is so easy to be an active, daily advocate!

~ Momma Vape