Thursday, August 13, 2015


CASAA has issued a CTA (Call To Action) that applies to all of us who vape. Click here to go to the call to action @ CASAA's website.

Going to be a hot sticky day up here in Minnesota. Reminds me, I should drink some extra fluids today. No use trying to be healthy by quitting smoking if I'm not going to also do things like drink more water and juice. I've already cut way back on my consumption of soda (aka pop or coke, depending on where you live). Baby steps.......... if I keep making good choices, hopefully my kids and grandkids will be "stuck" with me for years to come!!!! The last couple of years have taught me to cherish every minute with them!

Thank-you for choosing to vape and to cut back or quit those stink sticks. I hope your family is also blessed with being "stuck" with you for years to come! <Big Grin>

~ Momma Vape

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