Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lend Me An Ear

Some of you are becoming convinced you really DO have time to advocate daily. This all started with a bet, that we can find time to advocate almost every day. We defined Advocacy as doing an activity advocating for vaping, or raising awareness about vaping, or educating ourselves / others about vaping.

Are some of you still finding it a struggle to participate in a daily activity? Problem solved with today's project. Today, you can multi-task. All you have to do is LISTEN! Yep, hop on that exercise bike and listen, fix supper and listen, cuddle a baby and listen, open your mail and listen, or dust the living room and listen. Easy Peasy Momma Vape likes to say!!!!

There are many vaping podcasts our there. Many of them are live shows which are then put online to listen to at anytime. So if you are too busy to DO something, then take a few minutes to listen while  you go about your day. You'll learn things, you'll hear things that make you go "hmmmm", you'll ponder things, and you will still be accomplishing our (almost) daily goal.

I'll give you 2 shows to start with, I'm sure we'll add to our list in a future blog.
Vape Politics (click here)
Attainable Advocacy (click here)

If you end up with an extra minute, Momma Vape would love some "LIKES" on our facebook page The Daily Advocate (click here)

Sending you all a Momma Vape Hug!
~ Momma Vape

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