Monday, August 3, 2015

Profile Picture Day

The folks at Breath Easier Alliance of Alabama (click here for their facebook page) are asking vapers around the world to show your support for them and anyone else fighting sin taxes on vape products by changing your profile picture on facebook, twitter, instagram, google, and any other social media sites you participate in. Feel free to add a #alleg to the comments on your picture. See the picture below for the picture they are requesting we all use. It doesn't matter where you live, everyone is a member of the vaping community, and Momma Vape hopes you all are able to show support for one another.

My friend Bennie, from ECig Lounge in Waite Park, MN calls all of us vaping advocate Ninjas. It makes me very proud to stand up with all of you for our rights and the rights of all smokers who want to quit. Ninja Powers Unite!

~ Momma Vape

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