Thursday, August 6, 2015

Where the heck is Momma Vape????

Wow, the day is supposed to already be done by now for Momma Vape, I'm usually sleeping by now! Momma had a busy day, worked until 9 a.m., Vaping advocacy meeting at 10 a.m., very busy day at son's vape shop. Finally home, fed my face and went UH OH!!!! No daily project yet!!!! <hangs my head in shame>. Where the heck did the day go??? Good thing we set this up as Quick (almost) Daily projects in the area of Vaping Advocacy, Awareness, and Education! I think I need one of those (almost) days! If you joined us late to this party, or if you've already used an (almost) day, please take a peek at our previous projects and pick one. If you've already done ALL the projects, then either treat yourself to an (almost) day, or go back and do one of your favorites a second time, or simply  spend some time on your favorite social media site or news group and catch up on what's new in the vaping world. Lots of stuff coming down the pipe, lots of folks have their eyes on California. (Click here for previous days projects)

Sweet Dreams!
~ Momma Vape

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