Tuesday, September 1, 2015

California Here We Come!!!!!

Heads up!!
If you are a vape retailer or wholesaler, a consumer, buy from or sell to, vacation in, or live in CALIFORNIA - They are down to the wire on their special session that includes several bills that are not friendly to vaping businesses, vaping consumers, and smokers who in the future will use vaping as a tool to help them quit. It does not matter if you have attended a session, called, e-mailed, written, or faxed..... DO IT AGAIN! Light up the phones, the inboxes, the mailboxes, and the fax machines! SHARE this all over facebook, twitter, instagram. Make sure every vape shop and wholesaler and liquid manufacturer in Cali knows about this and is sharing the info with their customers. Make sure your voice is heard. They need THOUSANDS of people to put on the pressure now! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?????? Please check out the Call To Action post by CASAA!

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