Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to Basics - Helping Smokers Quit

I was just reading "How Vapers Can Help Smokers Quit" (click here), an interesting 3 page gem on Forbes that talks about a survey of people who have tried vaping, how many of them are or were smokers and what kind of success they are experiencing with quitting smoking. The piece moves on to talk about what a valuable asset vapers are when it comes to reaching out to the smoking community and establishing a buddy system of vapers with smokers so that smokers get the support and expertise they need to become ex-smokers.

I'm happy to see shops and individuals reaching out to smokers, getting them set up with good equipment, advice, and support. No matter where we personally are at with our vaping, if our vape is a pen type or a cloud machine - if we vape to keep ourselves from smoking or if we've moved on to vaping as a hobby, we need to remember that the most important reason for vaping to exist is to be a tool that smokers can use to help themselves quit smoking, to reduce the level of harm they are doing to themselves and those around them, and to become healthier.

My hat is off to those shops and individuals who are helping people quit smoking. You are saving lives! I am glad to see organizations out there who's sole purpose is to help people start vaping so they can begin the journey that leads to being an ex-smoker. I'll leave you with a couple of groups to check out. They can use your support. You can help tell others about them or donate to the cause or sign up to help others.

You can find Sponsor A Smoker (click here) on facebook. If you need help getting started with vaping or if you'd like to help, click the Sign Up button at the top of their page and get yourself or your shop registered.

For those of you who are in the United States Military or are a Veteran (or who wants to help our Veterans quit smoking) Check out Vape A Vet on facebook (click here) or go to the Vape A Vet website (click here).

 Let's get back to basics and start changing the world...... one saved life at a time.
~ Momma Vape

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