Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Advocacy for Some, Cali for others

Another big day for California, and in many ways, all of vaping. For those of you in Cali, I hope 1000 of you are on your way to the capitol to show solidarity against these bills that are pure evil for the vaping industry. I hope ALL of you have followed CASAA's call to action and have e-mailed, called, faxed, or mailed letters to your representatives and senators.

Those of us who are not in Cali are waiting for news. We are sending all of you positive thoughts, prayers, good wishes, and hope. I sent out a little tweet this morning in support of all of you...

Vaping Saves Lives. E-cigs are NOT tobacco products. This is about lives NOT revenue.

Tonight, all of us can sit down and listen to the show "Attainable Advocacy". They will be talking about California, ECC, The "Health" News coming out of the UK, and what ever other topics come up. Always and interesting show.  Tonight August 25th at 9PM Eastern, join them for the show at http://theohmpage.com/live!

You can watch previous shows on their YouTube channel

Good Luck Cali, we are thinking of you today!
~ Momma Vape

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