Monday, August 24, 2015

So any choices................

For those of you who have reached the status of ex-smoker, there is a new facebook group to encourage people to sponsor a smoker and help them quit. You can find it here: Sponsor a Smoker Link. I just LOVE this idea and have a couple sponsored.

If you live in California, have family / friends / business associates in California, you really need to pay attention to the special session going on. Hopefully a HUGE number of vapers show up at the capitol in Cali tomorrow. Non-residents of Cali can still contact the state and discuss where you spend your tourism dollars and why. You can talk about WHY vaping is not a tobacco product and the responsibility Cali has to set a TRUE example to the rest of the country, not pass laws based upon lies. You can tweet, facebook, etc. Check out your favorite advocacy organizations for info. Not Blowing Smoke, CASAA, AVA, SFATA, Vaping Militia, Etc. This battle is HUGE folks!

Momma Vape, over and out!

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