Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cotton Candy is NOT Marketing To Kids

True story that happened to me in 2015 while watching my son's vape shop...

An elderly lady walks in the door looking for some "juice". She's looking at the samplers of the premium lines and asks how much a bottle. I tell her $15 - $22. She raises an eyebrow and gives me "the look" and says "if you're taking any of my money, you need to do better than that". I tell her the prices of the house line and ask her what kinds of flavor she likes. She says "cotton candy, I like sweet juice". I apologize and tell her we don't have cotton candy and when she asks why, I explain the whole ANTZ (anti nicotine and tobacco zealots) thing and accusations of marketing to children. I get another "look" and she says "honey, you need to get with the program, we were too poor when I was a kid to afford cotton candy, so now I'm having it whenever I want and any way I want it. Now give me the sweetest thing you got and I want cotton candy the next time I come here." So I ring her up, and say "Ma'am, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?". She looks at me and says "82, I quit smoking 6 months ago and now I'm going to live to be 102." and she smiles, turns around and goes out the door.

So now, I need to tell my son to get cotton candy flavored liquid and if anyone accuses him of marketing to children, I'm going to shove that CC up their..... well you know, where the sun don't shine, because anybody who quits smoking at that age, deserves to have anything they want. So he's going to be marketing to little old ladies. Feel free to share this story, it made my day. She was strong and adorable. 

Love and Hugs!
~ Momma Vape 

Thank-you Vaping In The News for the mention!

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