Sunday, June 4, 2017

I've Got a Question about CONtrol

I've been wondering about some things....

Wasn't the purpose of Tobacco CONtrol organizations to help reduce the number of people who smoke? Isn't their job to educate others of the dangers of smoking?  Is it just me, or is it true that the reductions in the number of people who smoke have gotten low enough that the folks over at Tobacco CONtrol are getting a little nervous about keeping their funding and their jobs? Smoking Rates Drop To Record Low (article)

How else do we explain the war on the vapor technology industry? An industry that has HELPED tobacco control show successful drops in the number of people who smoke - including the number of YOUTH who smoke? Why wage war on a product that is saving lives if the only "crime" this product has committed is to help anti-tobacco and public health organizations achieve their missions to lower the number of people who smoke? Why wage war on a product that contains NO tobacco, if your mission and funding is to reduce SMOKING and the use of TOBACCO products?  Some of Tobacco CONtrol's funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry, is that a conflict of interest? See: E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors

Why do these organizations have stockpiles of extra money that they aren't spending on their mission, and yet asking for raises in taxes to increase their funding? Is it because so many people have quit smoking there is less Tobacco Settlement Funding and they are getting nervous the money tree is going to die? Are some state governments catching on to the CON in CONtrol? Is that why North Dakota withdrew funding for BreathND? See: BreathND had a $55 million dollar surplus! (article). andAnother article about BreathND (here) 

Why do organizations like ClearWay MN (which is funded by 3% of Minnesota's Tobacco Settlement funds and profits from their investments) asking in 2017 for MN to fund their QuitLine program when ClearWay is funded for such things until 2023? (Legislative update from ClearWay MN)

Why at one time did some of these groups fight a bill to ban e-cigarette sales to minors? "The American Cancer Society; the American Lung Association; the American Heart Association; the Missouri State Medical Association; the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians; the Missouri Academy of Family Physicians; the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids; and Tobacco Free Missouri have all previously called on Gov. Nixon to veto Senate Bill 841." See: Governor vetoes bill that would ban e-cigarette sales to minors (here) Why do these groups now make out vaping as an evil empire run by Big Tobacco that needs to be subjected to FDA prohibition in order to "save the children"?

Why did one of these organizations secretly negotiate the terms of the tobacco settlement AND dip their fingers into the rules that gave the FDA power over the tobacco industry (and any non-tobacco industry the FDA chooses to "deem" a tobacco product)? (Read "Untold Story" here) (More info here)

Why did this organization who lobbied for NO FLAVORS negotiate to allow Big Tobacco to KEEP menthol flavoring?  Read about MentholGate: (here) (and here) (last one here). Why do tobacco CONtrol groups now lobby for a ban on menthol tobacco products? Was that a clever ploy to guarantee future battles and job security? APA joins Tobacco Free Kids to recommend ban on menthol flavoring in tobacco products (here). Does this new push have anything to do with the rising popularity of vaping and the big push by the anti-tobacco folks to now make this life saving industry the "new" enemy of the children? Are these groups using kids and the threat of Big Tobacco antics as a scare tactic to rile up the public and the law makers to wage a new war and thus ensure future job security for these groups? Will these groups go to ANY means to further their agenda, including telling lies to the public and media? (See "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids' Lying Has Got to Stop" here)

Why didn't these organizations fight to get RID of tobacco, instead of negotiating deals that would make sure tobacco would be legal forever and therefor making sure they'd always have a battle to fight, an endless source of funding, and good paying jobs? FDA Creates Database for Grandfathered Products (here)
Infinity = the busy work / busy body mission of tobacco CONtrol

Why does Tobacco CONtrol, who fought to make sure that all tobacco products are to be kept behind the counter, now run around and take little surveys of the POS (point of sale) areas at your local corner store and complain that it's full of tobacco products and signs showing what they cost? Is this "busy work" just a ploy to look like they are working to fight smoking, and make such a big deal out of it to make it appear they are still needed? New Rules for Tobacco Retailers (here) If we don't want YOUTH to be influenced to be aware of, around, and exposed to tobacco products why does tobacco CONtrol recruit youth to do POS surveys on tobacco products? Store Assessment Tools (here)

Why are Tobacco CONtrol people now making themselves out to be "public health" people and blasting little local stores not only for having tobacco behind the counter, but for having alcohol, sugary drinks, and pre-packaged foods in their stores? Since when did all those things become a "tobacco" product? Just how much CONtrol over our lives do these people want? Pretty soon they are going to try to tell us when we can breath or poop!  Example of Tobacco CONtrol Video.

Why do Tobacco CONtrol people use emotional ploys and claim everything is about the children, that we must save the youth, and yet do what they claim others are doing - they market to children? They use ads and videos and show kids looking at, touching, smelling, and EVEN USING tobacco and vapor technology products!!! They accuse various companies of "normalizing" these activities and yet who's ads do you see of kids doing this stuff???? THEIRS - The ads of Tobacco CONtrol!! What kind of evil being claims to be trying to save children while marketing those things to children? What gives these people the right to give children false information and then dress them up all cute and parade them in front of the media and law makers and have innocent kids spread tobacco CONtrol's lies and propaganda? What do they think they are teaching kids? Tobacco CONtrol Teaching Kids About Flavors (video here)  and Kids Smoking Crayons (video here) 

^^ Paid for with Tax Payer Dollars! ^^

The World Health Organization says a billion people will die from smoking in the next century. I think it's time Tobacco CONtrol quits playing their games, quit worrying about their funding and job security and start working towards really saving lives, not just saving a token few and pretending they are working hard to make the world a better place. Let's stop using kids as an excuse and get back on track. Let's get back to helping ALL people quit smoking. As the former Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop,  said back in 1998 Don't Forget The Smokers (article)

I found some interesting answers to some of my questions in the Yale Journal on Regulation here: Baptists, Bootleggers, & Electronic Cigarettes.  The past couple of years have turned me from a very trusting person to someone who finds themselves questioning just about everything I see and hear. I have learned that it is true.... What you see on TV or read on the internet isn't always the truth. Many people are motivated to make you believe what they want you to believe, to protect their own interests. We truly have turned into a "ME" society. I am saddened that parts of life are no longer about doing the right thing to make the world a better place for many people. I hope more and more of us get sick and tired of that and start fighting back.

When we do that, we really will be doing what's best "for the children".

~ Momma 

P.S. Don't believe me that there is this much corruption in Tobacco CONtrol and the efforts of Public Health? I recommend the movie A Billion Lives. As you watch the film, notice the movie mentions ALL the people and organizations who were asked to participate in this documentary and REFUSED......... hmmmm I wonder what they had to hide that kept them from being in a film about Tobacco CONtrol? A Billion Lives available on iTunes

Do you have a tobacco CONtrol question or pet peeve? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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