Saturday, July 8, 2017

Do The Right Thing

RANT ALERT!!!!!!!!

Many of us are out here working hard to save our right to vape. Not only our right, but the right of all smokers who desperately need a way to quit smoking and haven't tried vaping yet. The smokers who have failed over and over to quit. The ones who feel they've been given a life sentence of shortness of breath, continuous respiratory ailments, and stinking like an old ashtray. Some are only 18 years old and some are over 80. Each and everyone should have the right to try any method they want to get them to quit smoking! We should ALL as adults be free to choose.

Now comes a lot of people trying to pass a partial prohibition, by changing the age to smoke, chew, or vape to 21. The ones who are convincing our lawmakers that young adults 18-20 aren't developed enough to make those choices and should be prevented from buying these products. PLUS, they argue by changing the age we will close the "pipeline" of "tobacco" products to those too young to smoke, chew, or vape. They claim 15 year olds don't know people over 21 who would buy these products for them.

Let's say you're fighting this tooth and nail, fighting for our freedoms, fighting to save vaping, fighting to keep it available to the 19 year old who already has a smoking problem and wants to quit. Let's say YOUR community is looking at a Tobacco 21 law. Let's say you have a member of your City Council who WAS AGAINST prohibition laws like Tobacco 21. WAS????????? Why would their mind be changed? Well, think about if you went and had a meeting with that Council person as an advocate for vaping and the council person told you they are now thinking of supporting Tobacco 21 because they caught their 15 year old vaping, and the kid admitted that somebody 18 bought the products for them!!!! What do you say to THAT???????? Battle lost, as that council member is now very motivated to join the army fighting to PASS TOBACCO 21. (Yes this really happened)

If you are one of the dumb asses buying for minors, come see me. I'll show you just how much damage a great grandma can do to stupid people. You are now my enemy. You are not an ambassador for the benefits of vaping, you are the poster child the anti-vapers are going to parade in front of the media who will plaster you all over the 6 p.m. news!!!! You are the reason that cities, counties, states, and countries will be motivated to change the minimum sale age to 21. You are a fool.


If you don't understand what NO means, go back to Kindergarten and try again. Quit vaping, get the **** out of our way and stop destroying this life saving industry for the rest of us. Get your pacifier out of your mouth and think of others for a change. GROW THE **** UP and be the ADULT you are supposed to be. There's this thing between your ears called a brain, I suggest you start using it.

You are the reason people are going to DIE!

Let that sink in for a bit.

I'm grateful the MAJORITY of people obey the law and don't provide adult products to minors. I thank you for being a good person and doing the right thing. If you catch any of those who do break the law, do me a favor.... knock them up the side of the head and tell them it's a message from me.
Do the right thing, don't give ANYTHING meant for adults to kids! ~ Momma Vape

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