Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 30 - Who Won The Bet?

WOW, this blog started 30 days ago because of a bet. The bet was that Momma Vape had to prove that there were easy advocacy projects a person could do and develop the habit of advocating to become a part of a person's daily routine. We did say "almost daily" because sometimes, life gets in a person's way. We defined advocacy as: advocating for vaping, raising awareness about vaping, or educating ourselves and others about vaping. The bet was to last 1 month, and we defined that as 30 days. Before we get to who won the bet, Momma Vape who said it was possible, or negative nanny who said it was not possible, we need to finish out the bet by posting our 30th project.

If Momma Vape has said it once, she has said it a thousand times... "TELL YOUR STORY". Type it up and save it to your computer so you can copy and paste it when ever it is needed. Today, Momma asks you to share your story, your "testimonial" with CASAA. They have been working for months to collect testimonials and are thousands shy of the number they hoped they would get. Click here to go to CASAA and tell your story. If you've done a previous project and saved your story, this will be a fill in the blanks, copy paste and done. If you have not created a copy of your story, now would be a good time. Momma Vape submitted her testimonial back in February 2015. (Click here to read Momma's Story). I look forward to having your story join forces with mine!!!!! A couple of short sentences is all you need.

So, who won the bet? Momma Vape or Negative Nanny??? Neither of us did, all of vaping has won!!! This blog has received 1058 page views as of 12:22 pm CST on 8/16/2015. Each post was read. Each post was acted upon. The seed has been planted for many that advocacy is easy to do and can be done in a short period of time. The crazy bet planted the seeds of an idea with the fine folks at and they created a handout that shops and consumers can use with ideas of ways you can advocate in 15 minutes or less a day. If at least 1 person has joined the ranks of vaping advocacy because of this blog, then all of vaping has won! Speaking of #notblowingsmoke, I think they said it the best when a person wonders if they should join the ranks of vaping advocates!!!!

Thanks for going on this adventure with me!
~ Momma Vape

Today's post is dedicated to the strong Vaping Community in Minnesota. You welcomed me with open arms and made me one of your own. It was OK when I agreed with you and it was OK when I didn't. We have supported each other, we have bounced ideas off each other, we have accepted each others march to their own drum, we have fought the fight together, we have laughed and cried together, we have bonded and become family. We are One. The dedication then spreads to vapers around the world, as we have also become family. At 56 years old, I still struggle in life finding that place where I fit in. You have all made me feel like I belong amongst you. I love you for that and I appreciate it beyond what my words can express.

Here's the road we traveled, proving we can advocate in a few minutes a day (almost) every day...

Day #1 - Vote No Day
Day #2 - Surgeon General Seeks Quit Smoking Stories
Day #3 - The Truth About Vaping Emergency Alert
Day #4 - Today is Spread Awareness Day
Day #5 - Who Can Give Me 5 On Donut Day
Day #6 - We All Have A Story To Tell
Day #7 - Try It You'll "LIKE" It
Day #8 - Is It The Nicotine?
Day #9 - Our Tax Dollars Pay For What???
Day #10 - Attainable Advocacy Tonight!
Day #11 - Learn A Little Share A Lot
Day #12 - FDA and HR2058
Day #13 - Momma Needs A No Juice Jar
Day #14 - Lend Me An Ear
Day #15 - Alabama Tweet Fest
Day #16 - Profile Picture Day
Day #17 - Be Grateful
Day #18 - Fire Up Those Pens and Keyboards
Day #19 - Where the Heck is Momma Vape?
Day #20 - Stop The Madness Right Now
Day #21 - Just A Quickie Today
Day #22 - Who is Who? Let's Talk About Togetherness
Day #23 - We ARE Family
Day #24 - How Did YOU Quit Smoking?
Day #25 - I LOVE This Website
Day #26 - CASAA CTA for FDA
Day #27 - Let's Talk About Addiction
Day #28 - Adopt / Sponsor A Smoker
Day #29 - Age To Vape - SFATA
Day #30 - Day 30 Who Won The Bet

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